These are the stories that matter

They're the ordinary stories of extraordinary business owners

If you want to read about people going from rags to riches, read Elon Musk, read Richard Branson, read the stories of any of your favourite gazillionaire, go ahead, they may well inspire you

But these are the ones that don’t get told in autobiographies. Those of the business owners who get up early and don’t do the daily just to make someone else richer.

They face specific challenges and motivations, the everyday problems of reconciling personal and business life with all the pressures that family and clients can bring. Everyone wants a slice of them.

They are the heroes. They are the ones trying to earn an honest living and, in their own way, trying to make the world a better place.

This is a book that’s been thirty years in the making. I've struggled to believe in it and me but life has shown me that it's never too late to realise that I have something to say.

I got the confidence to tell my story, I believe I have one worth telling. Just like the 40-odd business owners I've spoken to, whether they're just starting out or whether they're supper successful.

Yours is worth telling too ... the time is now.

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