Little stories

Data and numbers are everywhere in digital marketing. People freak out over email open rates, PPC ad spend or how much this or that word affects your SEO.

But it’s all a bit clinical and reliant on an algorithm that, once you’ve cracked it, is likely to change and you have to start again.

Like Sisyphus condemned to push his bolder up the mountain in perpetuity, we play the game. But to what end? What is the point?

Particularly as we’re dealing with human beings here. Fragile, impetuous and unreliable human beings.

We are notoriously difficult to predict.

Why not just tell some stories and see where they go? People connect with stories, particularly the small ones that illustrate the quirks of life. The silly ones, the sad ones, the joyous ones.

It’s the stories that people think are irrelevant that are the most important.

Ask Bisto. They ran for years on ads about Sunday lunch.

Any ad that’s ever been made for washing powder has been a small story.

I bet you can find loads more.

So why aren’t you using small, inconsequential stories in your marketing? People identify with them.


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